About Ulysses Club Fleurieu Branch


The Ulysses Club for older motorcyclists, the largest organisation of it's kind in Australia, is now a familiar part of this country's riding scene. The original suggestion for a club for for mature motorcyclists was put forward in a letter by Stephen Dearnley published in the August 1983 issue of Bike Australia. Ulysses Club Inc.
We are a social club for motorcyclists over the age of 40. We are the largest organisation of this kind in Australia.

Fleurieu Branch

We are an active Branch and extend a warm welcome to visitors and new members.
Our Social Meeting is on the third Thursday of every month at 7:30pm, meals from 6pm, at the Alma Hotel, 11 Hill St, Willunga.

Rides - there is a Sunday Ride every 2 weeks, Wednesday Ride every 4 weeks and Friday Ride every 4 weeks. See RIDES & EVENTS for dates.


Membership of the Club is open to any person, subject to the National Committee approval, who has attained the age of 40 years and who holds a current motorcycle licence.
Additionally, the spouse or regular partner of a member, who has also attained the age of 40 years may also be admitted as a member upon application.
There is only one kind of membership, full individual membership. Any type of bike is welcome.

Ulysses Mission Statement

To provide ways in which older motorcyclists can get together for companionship and mutual support.
To show by example that motorcycling can be an enjoyable and practical activity for riders of all ages.
To draw the attention of public and private institutions to the needs and views of older riders.